graphicWith an official post office built in 1836, Brownsburg was named in honor of James B. Brown, one of the first settlers in the area. Incorporated in 1848, Brownsburg recently celebrated it sesquicentennial (150th) birthday.

At various times Brownsburg had a movie theater, a dance hall and a tomato canning factory. A train depot established in 1869 increased growth in Brownsburg even though the train ride to Indianapolis, with frequent stops, took over an hour.

The friendly, quaint atmosphere of early Brownsburg remains in the city today. Long time residents still talk about the best haunted house in Hendricks county. Brownsburg’s charm lies in the stories passed from generation to generation, such as the day a large truck drove through the front door of the bank in the early 1960’s.

Years from now residents are likely to talk about turn of the century growth as Brownsburg continues to provide a quiet place to live and raise a family.


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