Cash Registers

What’s more fun than an afternoon of shopping? Spending that day browsing the upscale stores in Carmel, of course!

Carmel offers three main shopping districts — the individual shops that make up the character of our Old Town center, Merchant’s Square (voted best in the area by Indianapolis Monthly) and Clay Terrace, the newest in the outdoor retro approach to shopping centers.

Merchant’s Square is home to “daily shopping” stores — including grocery stores, discount chains and brand-name clothing outlets. Clay Terrace, opened in early 2005, is the first “Lifestyle Center” in Central Indiana. Shoppers will find specialty shops and high-end fashion choices here — all along a specifically landscaped pedestrian street that’s designed to resemble the window-shopping experiences of yesterday.

Overall, if it’s trendy, of exceptional quality, exclusive and something you’d be proud to display in your life, you’ll find it in Carmel.


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