graphicWelcome to the city of Connersville, a growing community truly at the center of it all.

Whether you are a new visitor, or are considering relocating to our community, we are confident you will find in Connersville a comfortable lifestyle, friendly people, and easy access to all the amenities of big city living without the big city hassles.

graphicLocated in the Whitewater Valley, Connersville boasts a strong business heritage dating back to John Conners’ first trading post established in 1805, the site of which is still operated as a business today, nearly two centuries later. The success of our early industrialists continues as a major factor around the world today, while new business, industry, and the American spirit of entrepreneurship continue to grow and flourish in our community. The Commerce Center is conveniently located next door to City Hall to provide convenient "one-stop shopping" for information and assistance to new businesses interested in Connersville.

The Connersville/Fayette County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide you with this little introduction to our community. We believe you will find here a community committed to a quality lifestyle, exemplified by its commitment to education (Connersville hosts regional campuses for three major Indiana post secondary schools), and our outstanding health care facilities unparalleled in communities our size. Recreational opportunities abound for families and individuals, and special events are happening most weekends throughout the year. And, there are abundant opportunities for you to be part of it all through participation in Chamber activities, the numerous service clubs, organizations and churches throughout the community.

After you become acquainted with us through this book, stop by the Chamber, City Hall, or any of the advertisers or attractions listed. We are confident you will enjoy your time in Connersville, Indiana.



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