graphicIn east central Indiana, Connersville lies in the beautiful Whitewater Valley amidst rich rolling farmland 60 miles equidistant from Indianapolis, Dayton, and Cincinnati, three major metropolitan markets. Interstate 70 to Indianapolis and Dayton is an easy 11 miles to the north on State Road 1, and Interstate 74 to Cincinnati is just 29 miles to the south on State Road 1. Two other state roads, 44 and 121, intersect in the city, connecting it to neighboring communities. U.S. 40 is about 7 miles to the north. Business and industry are served by three railroads, CSX, C&NC, and Amtrak.

C&NC offers a terminal and switching as well as access to Norfolk & Southern and Conrail. A local trucking company and 15 others meet the highway shipping needs of the community. Barge transportation on the Ohio River is only 60 miles away at Cincinnati. Private and small business aircraft are based at Connersville Airport - Mettel Field, on the northern edge of the city. It boasts a 5,000-foot runway with three instrument approaches and ILS. Major international airports are easily accessible at Indianapolis, Dayton and Cincinnati.


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