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Community Overview


On the outside, DeKalb County, Indiana, may look like just another rural Midwestern community, but once inside it is evident that this is a community that offers unmatched opportunity for families, businesses and visitors around every corner.

The area presents a unique dichotomy in that it embraces its continued growth and development, while at the same time working to preserve a distinct heritage that dates back to the arrival of its first settlers in 1834.

Much of DeKalb County’s history centers around the automobile industry. The county, named for American Revolutionary War hero Baron Johann DeKalb, was officially organized in early 1837, designating the city of Auburn as its county seat. At the turn of the 20th century, Auburn housed several enterprising automobile companies – notably the Auburn Automobile Company, which became the 11th-largest export company in the U.S. Although automobiles are no longer manufactured in Auburn, the original factories remain standing, with one of eight local museums housed within the original Auburn Automobile Company Plant. These museums have preserved the region’s vibrant transportation history, and invite thousands of visitors from all over the country to come and experience this unique heritage and culture.


DeKalb County’s vibrant history isn’t the only feature that draws people to this quaint community. Several exciting annual festivals, including the world famous Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival and the Auctions America Car Auction, see more than 250,000 guests a year.

The area also hosts beautiful recreational spots, a thriving economy, great schools, top-rated medical care and plenty of retail and dining options – creating a special quality of life that is truly second to none.

The people of DeKalb County are proud of their home and welcome all to enjoy the array of unique treasures that can only be experienced here. Come and see for yourself what makes DeKalb County such a great place to be!

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