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Proud of our past, there are four interesting museums to browse. The Howard County Historical Museum is operated by the Historical Society in the Seiberling Mansion. It houses many unusual and interesting artifacts and displays. The incredible history of the automobile is exhibited in the Elwood Haynes Museum and the 100 car Automotive Heritage Museum. The Grissom Air Museum features indoor and outdoor exhibits of a variety of military aircraft. The Greentown Glass Museum displays more than 1000 pieces of Greentown Glass which is popular with many collectors.

To learn more on almost any subject, one can browse the more than 250,000 volumes at the Kokomo/Howard County Public Library. If you enjoy theaters, there is the Kokomo Civic Theater, University Theater and Curtain Call Theater for Children. There are also many musical groups for voice, instrument and music appreciation including Kokomo Community Concerts which sponsors four concerts annually. The Kokomo Symphonic Orchestra also schedules 15 or more concerts each year.

Cultural organizations include the Kokomo Art Association, Photo Guild, Sculptor's Guild, Poetry Circle, and IUK Creative Writing Club.

Thirty city-operated parks total 370 acres. An extensive summer program of organized sports, day camping, crafts, concerts and other activities for both children and adults is offered. Nineteen outdoor tennis courts are located throughout the area and there are bowling alleys featuring 96 lanes. Roller and ice skating rinks are also available. For the golfer, there are four 18-hole golf courses and one 27-hole course (four public and one country club).

The Kokomo Reservoir provides boating fishing, and hiking just three miles away. Just 18 miles from Kokomo is the Mississinewa Reservoir, a comprehensive recreational facility for boating, waterskiing, swimming,fishing, and camping.

There are auto races, community concerts, softball leagues and Little League baseball games. There are indoor racquet ball and tennis clubs. Whatever your interest, Kokomo and Howard County can always provide something you'll enjoy.

About the Community

Kokomo/Howard County is a community founded on originality...from the unique name of its county seat to its impressive technological history.

Howard County was first occupied by the Miami Indians, but during the 1800's David Foster, a Virginia minister, arrived in the community. Before long, Foster owned most of the land in the area. Eventually, he donated 40 acres of his land to develop a county seat. Foster named this new community after a Miami Indian - KO KO MO. Kokomo became a city in 1854.

The discovery of natural gas during this period rapidly expanded development, bringing important industries to Howard County. The area also attracted innovative minds, like that of Elwood Haynes, inventor and producer of the first commercially built automobile (1894). Other numerous inventions developed in Kokomo earned the city title - City of Firsts.

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Business Development

The mission of the Kokomo/Howard County Chamber of Commerce is to:

"advance the economic, industrial, professional, cultural and civic welfare of the Kokomo area."

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The Chamber has about 700 businesses as members. Because of this vibrant showing of support by our business community we consider ourselves "the voice for business."

The Chamber sponsors Business Development programs like: Small Business Development Center, Government Marketing, Existing business Assistance, Women's Business Council, Manufacturers Assistance, and Minority Business Council. Community Development programs include the downtown revitalization committees, business & education partnerships, leadership programs, and newcomer information resources. The Chamber also works on legislative issues that affect business and through its Transportation Committee promotes good transit activities including road, rail and air.

The Chamber is influential & successful because of the literal thousands of volunteers who have worked with Chamber committees to make the Kokomo area a great place to live and work.

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See our Map

Indiana is known as the "Crossroads of America" and Kokomo/Howard County is located 50 miles due north of Indianapolis. Kokomo is 130 miles southeast ! of Chicago and 160 miles northwest of Cincinnati.

Kokomo's 46,000 citizens (85,000 in the county) are ideally positioned in the Midwest and the state for shopping, recreational activities, business endeavors, and cultural events. (See locator map)

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50 miles north of Indianapolis

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World Class Communities

Business GraphicBusinesses, both large and small, are welcome in Kokomo/Howard County. According to Industry Week's "world-class communities" issue (4/97), Kokomo ranks second in manufacturing strength in the U.S.

Chrysler Corporation employs approximately 8,500 people, and Delco Electronics employs nearly 10,500 people. In addition there are about 1,700 small businesses in Howard County. Leading Industries include automotive parts and accessories, specialized electronic components, injection molding, food processing, and medical instruments. Many types of laborers are available with the strong work ethic mid-westerners are known for.

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Attractive Homes

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Finding a home that's comfort meets your needs, makes any move easier. And in Kokomo/Howard County, wide ranges of attractive homes are available. Whether you're looking for a cozy apartment, need space for a growing family, or are ready to build that dream house, Howard County's housing industry is ready to help.

While the local real estate market always features a wide range of moderately priced houses, upper bracket homes are also available. Residents enjoy developments featuring elegant executive living in Kokomo and throughout Howard County. Moderate prices and attractive houses make buying and owning a home in Howard County an enjoyable experience!

(For a complete list of real-estate companies and home builders belonging to the Kokomo/Howard County Chamber of Commerce, call us at (765) 457-5301.)

In addition to homes, several new apartment complexes have been built within the past two years that add to the already wide selection of existing apartment complexes.

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Excellent lifelong learning

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Howard County provides opportunities for excellent "lifelong" learning. It has been one of our established goals to not only provide the best education for our children but to be the state's leader in integrating secondary, post secondary, and adult education into seamless learning opportunities for all residents.

There are five school corporations which serve Howard County. All operate K through 12 systems and provide academic excellence for our community's children. Some of our elementary schools have received national awards. In addition there are six parochial schools for families who prefer that option.

Indiana University, Purdue University, and Ivy Tech State College are located in Kokomo. They offer two and four-year degrees, as well as some graduate studies In addition, there are several other colleges and universities within easy driving distance.

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State of the Art Hospitals

Health Care PhotoThe Kokomo/Howard County area is fortunate to have two, state-of-the-art hospitals. Howard Community Hospital has 159 beds with additional area for psychiatric and skilled nursing. Saint Joseph hospital Health Center has 150 beds and areas for chemical dependency, and a stress unit.

There are also more than 50 dentists in the community as well as four orthodontists and six oral surgeons. Several podiatrists, optometrists, chiropractors and private practice psychiatrists also serve the area.

Mental health clinics, nursing homes, medical service laboratories, and rehabilitation facilities are just some of the many medical services available.

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