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Logansport-Cass County is a region that thrives on partnerships that drive the area’s high quality of life. Logansport-Cass County is centrally located, making the drives to the metropolitan areas of Chicago, Indianapolis, South Bend and Fort Wayne a breeze. The Wabash and Eel rivers meet here, allowing scenery and outdoor recreational activities to abound.

The roots of this powerful region go as far back as 1826, when the first permanent European settler arrived in present-day Logansport. The settler, Alexander Chamberlain, began providing overnight shelter to travelers, establishing the area’s hospitality and business-mindedness early on. Colonel John B. Duret proposed that the area be called Captain Logan in honor of a Shawnee Indian who had befriended the settlers, but Logan’s Port, in reference to the town’s unique two-river border and now popularly known as Logansport, seemed more fitting.

The people of Logansport-Cass County invite you to enjoy the river valley, prime location and rich history while visiting, starting a family, retiring or joining the competitive and rewarding business landscape. Welcome!

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