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Muncie-Delaware County has plenty to offer in terms of attractions ranging from beautiful gardens to live entertainment to museums. Whatever your interests, Muncie-Delaware County has something for you.


Ball State Planetarium and Observatory: A part of the community for more than 30 years, the Ball State Planetarium and Observatory is equipped with a 70-seat sky theatre that reproduces the night sky from virtually any angle. It also offers great programming from April through October, focusing on such topics as planets, galaxies, constellation patterns and black holes.

Christy Woods: Characterized by 18 acres of winding paths, magnificent floral gardens and a mature forest of oak, hickory, ash, walnut, hackberry and maple trees, Christy Woods serves as an outdoor teaching laboratory for both students and the community at-large. Christy Woods is also home to the esteemed Wheeler Orchid Collection and Species Bank.

Wheeler Orchid Collection and Species Bank (WOCSB): Designated as a Plant Rescue Center, WOCSB is recognized as one of the finest facilities of its kind. Nestled within Christy Woods at Ball State University, visitors can view a simulated rain forest environment and two working greenhouses. WOCSB is home to more than 1,200 plants, maintains more than 85 genera that are represented across 500 varying species and more than 100 hybrid orchids.


AMA National Model Aviation Museum: Experience the world of model aviation at the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) headquarters, located just southeast of Muncie. The 1,000-acre Aeromodeling Center is home to the AMA National Model Aviation Museum, which holds the largest collection of model aircraft in the U.S. The museum retains more than 200 years of model aviation history.

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Horizon Convention Center: Located in what used to be Muncie’s Federal Building, the Horizon Convention Center maintains its historic beauty while offering the most modern entertainment and audio-visual technology. The 47,000 square feet of meeting space is regularly occupied by local, state, national and international events, many of which are open for the public to attend. The building is also home to the Muncie Children’s Museum, the second largest children’s museum in Indiana.

Muncie Children’s Museum: Originally located in the former Petty and Walgreen’s buildings when it opened in 1977, the Muncie Children’s Museum moved to its current 24,000-square-foot facility during the expansion of the Horizon Convention Center in 1996. Nearly 20 interactive exhibits can be found in its current location, featuring everything from a Dino Dig and Bat Cave to the Munseetown Train. The museum also offers traveling exhibits and is equipped with an Outdoor Learning Center.

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