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Muncie is both the county seat and the largest community in Delaware County. The mayor serves as chief executive officer, with the city council consisting of nine elected members—six elected by the voters in their district and three elected at-large from the entire city. Both the Mayor and City Council members serve four-year terms. The goal of the administration is to present quality and efficient service to its residents and visitors. Priorities include providing helpful departmental connections, community update information and resourceful knowledge concerning the vision and planned economic growth for the community.

The government of Delaware County is served by the Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners are comprised of three elected people working together much like a city mayor, but mainly over the unincorporated areas of the county. The County Commissioners are responsible for the management of county business and may enact ordinances and resolutions as established by state law. In addition to performing executive duties, the County Commissioners also exercise many of the legislative powers and duties of the county.

The Muncie Police Department is made up of highly trained officers committed to providing the finest police services for the citizens of Muncie, enforcing laws and providing safety and order 24 hours a day. A variety of specialized units are used to deliver police services to citizens and visitors of Muncie, including the Traffic Division, K-9 Unit, Dive Team, Crowd Control Unit and Bicycle Patrol. Additionally, COP Shops, neighborhood-based volunteers, are staffed throughout the city.

The Muncie Fire Department consists of seven stations with qualified personnel providing rapid response for both fire and medical emergencies. Muncie firefighters are also trained to respond to a variety of emergencies, including: swift water rescue, high angle rescue, confined spaces emergencies, hazardous materials and vehicle rescues. Muncie firefighters are involved with numerous events and charities that help the city and its citizens, such as Toys for Tots, Real Life, Red Cross, Special Olympics and numerous others.

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