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Pike County Chamber


The Board of Directors of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce has produced this publication in order to express that this is a good place to call “home.” Changes through the years have not altered our “neighborly” manner. Citizens of our various communities take time to stop along the sidewalk and visit with each other in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This same tone continues at the various festivals and events throughout the year.

The Buffalo Trace, Lincoln Heritage Trail and Wabash Erie Canal passed through our boundaries. As migration moved through the Midwest, the first settlement was made at White Oak Springs. From 1800 to 1814 this settlement was the most populous and the most important community on the Buffalo Trace in Indiana Territory from Clarksville to Vincennes. Pike County was the first county to organize after Indiana became a state. We think that those founding families would be proud of what the county is today.

Buffalo Trace

Today’s Pike County Chamber of Commerce shares the same concerns as the early organizers. The collective efforts of member businesses serve the best interests of the communities in the county. The Chamber provides representation for the county at many levels and is a valuable information center for local citizens as well as visitors and those interested in relocating. As you turn the pages of this community guide, you will become better acquainted with Pike County. Be assured that if you decide to visit or make your home here, you will be warmly welcomed.

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