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Pike County Industry


With its population of nearly 13,000, Pike County has three incorporated areas within its borders: Petersburg, the county seat (pop. 2,501); Winslow (pop. 856) and Spurgeon (pop. 219). Residents of Pike County provide business and industry with a labor force of approximately 6,330 of which nearly 6,000 are currently employed.

Mining, electric generation and manufacturing are the primary industries which call Pike County Home. A complete listing of all employers is not possible in these short paragraphs, but such a list would include: Elmer Buchta Trucking, Five Star Mining, Four Star Fabricators, Hoosier Energy, Indianapolis Power & Light, Onyett Fabricators, Sisson Steel, Solar Sources and Triad Mining. These companies alone account for almost 2,000 jobs. A complete listing is offered on the Chamber website.


Pike County and its citizens welcome the opportunity to show you why you should be doing business here! The Pike County Economic Growth & Development Council is prepared to assist you in your expansion or relocation needs and is only a phone call away at (812) 354-2271.

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