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In 1884, the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad bought land from John Worthington for a town to serve as the terminus of a branch from Creston. By the time the

first train arrived on July 4, 1886, Cumberland was a thriving community. By 1890, Cumberland had a population of 400 people and early businesses included,Ęgrocery stores, wagon makers, blacksmiths, harness makers, dressmakers, drug stores, hardware stores, furniture stores, lumber yards, banks, barber shops, a creamery, hotel, livery barns, etc.

Now, 130 years after its inception, Cumberland has a number of great local businesses and is home to 116 households (per the 2010 census). In addition to great annual

events like the Memorial Day Service and City Halloween Party, Cumberland also serves its residents through its fire department, library and community building.

The city’s excellent volunteer fire department was organized in 1935 and still protects the residents of Cumberland as well as all of Union County and parts of surrounding counties and towns. The picture perfect, small-town library provides a fun setting for kids and adults alike to read, learn and even play. The town community building is another centerpiece of Cumberland that is regularly hosting weddings, birthdays and many other events for those in the area.

Though Cumberland no longer has a railroad as it did in its early years, it is still a great city to visit, to do business, and to call home. When you see the black and white water tower, you know you are in the right place!

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