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Atlantic Community School District

The mission of the Atlantic Community School District,in collaboration with home and community, is to prepare all learners to be creative, innovative and productive citizens and workers in a changing society, by providing diver-sified opportunities to learn and apply relevant skills and knowledge in a positive, disciplined and challenging environment.

The Atlantic Community School District’s Board of Directors continue to work within their stat-ed mission to provide a quality education to all students in the district. This past year student achievement rose in reading, math and science across the district according to the results from the Spring 2014 Iowa Assessment Results. The district also saw an increase in the graduation rate and a decrease to below the state average in the district’s dropout rate. SAT results at Atlantic High School were significantly above the state average which is a strong indication of the rigor of the academics at the school.

The district continues to strive to provide students with excellent extra-curricular program which includes a wide array of athletics and the fine arts. The school district added swimming to the extra- curricular offerings for the 2014-15 school year and the Girls Varsity Swimming Team has demonstrated their athletic prowess this year in the pool. The continued focus for the school district is to work cooperatively with the community to offer and improve opportunities for all students attending our schools.

The school district continues to demonstrate a growing trend in student enrollment as for the fifth straight year, overall student enrollment in the district has increased by 15 students this school year.

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