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Burlington and West Burlington are nestled in southeast Iowa, along the pristine shores of the Mississippi River. Illinois is just across the river. Missouri is less than an hour’s drive downstream. High temperatures average in the mid-80s in summer and mid-30s in winter. Our typical annual rainfall is 35 inches. Residents enjoy a moderate climate compared to other parts of the state.

Most importantly, residents love the easy pace and lifestyle of a small city with ready access to metro centers of the upper Midwest. Ninety minutes north are the Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities; Chicago, St. Louis and Des Moines are also easily accessible. Kansas City, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Detroit and Memphis are unhurried one-day trips.

Driving, trucking and interstate bus travel is becoming even easier to and from this community at the crossroads of U.S. Highways 34 and 61. To the south and west, major four-lane improvements are completed, as well as the “Avenue of the Saints,” also known as U.S. 218. To the north, most of the four-lane work has been completed. To the east, Illinois is working to upgrade U.S. 34 to expressway quality as a link to Interstate 74.

Southeast Iowa Regional Airport is within a few minutes of every Burlington/West Burlington home and major employer. The airport provides frequent daily commercial flights and charter service. It also has excellent facilities for private and corporate aircraft. Millions of dollars have been spent for runway and other improvements for the community’s gateway to the world.

Rail transport is equally convenient. An anchor for public redevelopment plans, our historic downtown depot, beckons Amtrak patrons. Meanwhile, shippers enjoy exceptional transcontinental service via the giant BNSF — Burlington Northern Santa Fe — system.

Far from being just a spectator sight, the mighty barge tows that ply the Mississippi River complete the local transportation scene. The river service offers attractive options for those who deal in bulk commodities for distant domestic and export markets.

Burlington and West Burlington have aggressive street and other infrastructure improvement programs. Burlington also provides a public bus service and licenses taxi companies.


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