graphicOnce Gateway to the American West, Council Bluffs - Iowa's Leading Edge - lies at the crossroads of our country in the heart of our nation. In the southwest corner of the state, our prime location remains one of our greatest assets.

Both Interstates 29 and 80 intersect in our city, offering convenient commutes to virtually anywhere in the nation.

Other modes of transportation include two airports, Amtrak rail service, Greyhound bus service, a municipal bus system and the Missouri River, a well-established navigational, as well as, recreational route.

No matter which "road" you travel, you'll find access easy ...

The metro area is served by two airports, the Council Bluffs Municipal Airport and Eppley Airfield in Omaha.

The Council Bluffs facility is a public-use general aviation airport, serving corporate and charter aircrafts. Maintenance, flight rental and flight instruction are also offered.

The Confederate Air Force Museum, located on its site, is open Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. For further information, call (712) 323-2173.

Eppley Airfield, located within a 15-minute drive from downtown Council Bluffs, provides direct service to many of the nation's major cities.

For further information, please call (402) 422-6817 or visit

Council Bluffs is located at the crossroads of two national trafficways, Interstates 80 and 29. Interstate 80 runs from New York City through Chicago, Chicago through Council Bluffs, Council Bluffs through Salt Lake City and ends in San Francisco. Interstate 29 runs from Winnipeg, Canada, to Kansas City, Mo.

Inner-city interstates make traveling quick and convenient within this large metropolitan area.

Council Bluffs is served by both Interstates 680 and 480. Interstate 680 forms a loop around the metropolitan area, and Interstate 480 runs from western Council Bluffs through downtown Omaha, connecting with Interstate 80 in West Omaha.

Public Transportation The Council Bluffs-Omaha area is served by Metro Area Transit. For route information, please call (402) 341-0800.

Rail Transportation
The metropolitan area is serviced by five freight railroads.

In addition, Amtrak train service, aboard the California Zephyr, is available at the Omaha station, 1003 S Ninth St. For Amtrak information, please call (800) 872-7245.

Bus Transportation
The Greyhound bus terminal is located at 1601 Jackson St in downtown Omaha. Tickets can be purchased prior to or up to an hour before departure. For information, call (402) 341-1906 or (800) 231-2222.

Additional bus service includes Arrow Stage Lines, 4220 S 52nd St, (402) 731-1900; Crusader Coach Lines, (712) 322-8615; and Good Life Transportation, (402) 342-1855.

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