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Introduction of Davenport Iowa

Introduction of Davenport Iowa

With 1,200 member businesses, ranging from individual proprietors to major industrial companies, DavenportOne strives to develop and promote a varied and expanding business and industrial base. The organization is committed to creating a flourishing community where existing business prospers, new industries aspire to locate, tourists choose to visit and residents enjoy a standard of life that is truly second to none.

In addition to serving as the area’s Chamber of Commerce, DavenportOne functions as an economic development and downtown redevelopment entity. DavenportOne focuses on developing opportunities to generate additional jobs in more fields, encouraging an entrepreneurial culture that spawns further locally-established companies and attracting industries that Davenport is especially suited to accommodate, such as logistics, distribution, advanced manufacturing, and information solutions.

To support the expanded mission, DavenportOne employs 18 professionals and brings into service hundreds of dedicated volunteers. The policy- making body, a 36-member board, represents virtually all sectors of business and industry that work together to create a thriving regional economy.

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