Crawford County (Denison), IA Chamber of Commerce

Iowa’s “Meat Empire”

Long Known as Iowa’s “Meat Empire,” Denison is the home of IBP-Tyson, Farmland Foods, Premium Protein Products, and APPA Fine Foods. An ambitious entrepreneur saw Denison as a perfect site for a pork plant and later a beef processing plant.

In 1958, the inception of Crawford County Packing Company, an innovative pork processing plant, led to the opening of Iowa Beef Processing (IBP) in 1960, and began Denison’s rich history in meat processing. Crawford County Packing Company later became the start of Farmland Foods. Today, Denison meat processors are not only involved in packaging but also engage in Value Added Agriculture, a progressive new agricultural industry that adds value to raw product and sells it worldwide. Denison’s meat industry employs over 2,000 people today.

Concrete products manufactured in Denison are found in every state, in addition to Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The city is a nationally recognized leader in the production of high-quality precast concrete, and one of the premier manufacturing locations for quality concrete benches, trash receptacles, mailboxes, and tables, and has been setting the standard for quality products. Government agencies, fast food restaurants, department stores and educational facilities, park and recreation departments, residential complexes and many others frequently purchase Denison’s products. Many other customers purchase individual products to beautify their homes, patios, and gardens.

Crawford County is also home to such industry leaders as Sucrosco Seed Hybrids in Manilla, Aspinwall Coop in Aspinwall, and Pharm/Tech in Westside.


Crawford County (Denison), IA Chamber of Commerce

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