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The North Scott area is unique. Situated in the northern portion of Scott County Iowa, the North Scott area is a collection of small communities unified by a top rated school system. Eldridge, Long Grove, Donahue, McCausland and Princeton are governed by elected mayors and city councils. Eldridge employs a professional city manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the city. Park View is unincorporated, but its residents elect a Board of Directors to oversee the maintenance of common areas. The entire area has been very proactive in its willingness to support economic development and improve and maintain the quality of life.

The cities are all served by local Police Departments and the Scott County Sheriff Department. Volunteer fire departments serve all of the area. Volunteer First Responders are on call to assist in emergencies and Eldridge is home to a substation for Medic Ambulance service.

Each city provides water and sanitary sewer service. Scott County offers countywide recycling with curbside recycling available through the cities, independent haulers, or at one or two recycling centers located in the county.


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