The Progressive Spirit

Though Native Americans were the first inhabitants of Mills County, it was the Mormon settlers on their way to Utah who founded the area in 1846.

Named for Frederick Mills, a young officer from Burlington, Iowa, Mills County was officially established in 1851. The attraction of the rich soil and the completion of the Burlington and Missouri River Railroads brought more settlers to the area and sparked the development of additional towns and farms.

Glenwood (first known as Coonsville in honor of early settler Dr. Libeus Coon) was established in 1852 by Colonel Joseph L. Sharpe. Expanding from an agriculture-based community, the city attracted more industrial enterprises through the years.

Today, the eight towns that make up Mills County still enjoy a thriving agricultural economy. The county’s heritage, from its Native American roots to its farming community growth, is preserved not only in two museums and historical sites, but also in ambiance. Though Mills County continues to grow in population and commerce, it maintains the friendly, prosperous spirit of a small town.


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