Where Adventures Begin

With all the lush landscapes and geographic beauty in Mills County, it’s difficult to know where to begin an outdoor adventure. Here are just a few suggestions.

Glenwood Lake Park, east of downtown Glenwood, features a pond with waterfowl and playground equipment. Pony Creek Park, northwest of Glenwood on Deacon Road is adjacent to an 82-acre lake. There is fishing, hiking, picnicking, and seven campsites. Mile Hill Lake, off U.S. 34, is a quiet place to cast a line into the 10-acre lake's quiet waters. West Oak Forest, west of Glenwood on County Road L31 has trails that lead through heavy woods and grassy areas atop the ridges.

Wabash Trace Nature Trail is a converted railroad right-of-way that runs more than 60 miles through the countryside. It starts at the Trailhead Park in Council Bluffs, runs through Mills County and ends at the Shenandoah Trailheads on the Missouri border.

There are also two golf courses to take advantage of – Fairview Country Club in Malvern and Glenwood Golf Course in Glenwood.

For indoor activity, Glenwood offers a sports complex and a recreation and wellness center.


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