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A Positive Future

community’s future

Many factors impact a community’s future. One of the most important factors is leadership. The lifestyle that Marshalltown offers today is a direct result of strong community leadership and an ability to collaborate for the good of the community and its citizens.

A state-of-the-art library, improved and expanded school and college facilities, the new Orpheum Theater Center, improved streets, a revitalized Thirteenth Street commercial district, a nationally recognized wellness program and an expanded hiking/biking trail system are examples of community assets realized as a result of strong leadership. The outcome is strong community pride and a lifestyle that we all enjoy.

This success has set the stage for an even more positive future for Marshalltown. The community leadership is focused on key areas that touch the lives of all of our residents.

Downtown is the core of the city. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Continuing aesthetics improvement, more shopping choices, interesting restaurants and more quality housing options are all part of the plan for the future of Downtown Marshalltown.

Healthcare is a vital component for the quality of life of our residents. Marshalltown Medical & Surgical Center opened its doors to the community and area in 1914. As MMSC plans for its next century of service, it is focused on the future of healthcare delivery to the community and the facilities and technology it will take to provide clinical excellence while optimizing the patient experience.

Education is a key to community success. Community leaders, school district officials, teachers and higher education leaders are working in collaboration to make Marshalltown the school district of choice in Iowa. Leading edge initiatives like the Marshalltown Education Partnership, “Spread the Words – Read by 3rd!” and the Business-Education Alliance are examples of a community that embraces the power of education to make a difference for the future.

Continuing improvement will also occur in areas such as community infrastructure, health/wellness programs and assets and arts and culture offerings.

Marshalltown is a city with a progressive vision for its future that is never wavering in its dedication and innovation to ensure that its citizens of today and tomorrow are provided with an unmatched quality of life.

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