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There is no better time than now to check out the opportunities for young professionals in Marshalltown. The city is continually working to attract and keep the brightest young adults who are playing a significant role in developing the community’s future. Local organizations designed for the young professional; the presence of several leading edge and high-tech companies; and ample opportunities for educational attainment, recreation, culture and entertainment are among some of the advantages to living and working in the area.

During the last several years, Marshalltown has seen tremendous growth in its business community—a trend that continues today. A location along a major fiber optics loop has attracted new high-tech companies and opportunities to Marshalltown. Among these leading-edge companies are Emerson Process Management – Fisher with its $12 million data center in Marshalltown, as well as a $20 million state-of-the-art research and development lab, the only one of its kind in the country; and Mechdyne Corporation a visualization technology company headquartered in the city that works with such entities as government laboratories, military research programs, energy companies, edutainment manufacturers and others.

As new high-tech capabilities come in to play in Marshalltown, it’s no wonder more and more related businesses are looking to the area as an optimal place for relocation and expansion.

It’s easy for the area’s young adults to stay actively connected and involved, thanks to the existence of such entities as Marshalltown Young Professionals. Established in 2005, in association with the enterprising Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce, the organization strives to recruit and retain the finest young professionals to the area. MYP focuses on enhancing these leaders of tomorrow through the advancement of professional development opportunities and a selection of social networking events. Not only is MYP helping to develop individuals into strong leaders, it is also making large contributions in shaping the future of Marshalltown.

On top of the growing business opportunities found in the Marshalltown area is an assortment of engaging diversions geared towards the young adult. Softball and volleyball leagues, miles of bike/hike trails, and fitness centers attract the recreational enthusiast, while art galleries, theatre, historic sites, shopping and nightlife appeal to those who enjoy taking in local culture and entertainment.

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