A Message from the Mayor:

It is with great pride that I extend to everyone a heartfelt welcome to Oskaloosa, a city built on "pride, progress and tradition."

graphicAs you make your way through the site, you will learn why life in our town is as it was intended to be. We have it all here–strong businesses, good schools, clean air and water, safe streets, good recreational opportunities, solid local government...and time to enjoy these things and one another.

Oskaloosa is a community where we work very hard to preserve those things which make the community special. We keep a sharp eye on the future, but don’t allow ourselves to forget our heritage.

Good things are happening in our area. Existing businesses are thriving. There are new businesses–retail, industrial and agricultural. Steps are being taken to give us even better schools, economic development, recreation, technology, health care, care for our seniors, more affordable housing, community transportation and improved streets, roads and bridges.

There is still much to do, but cooperation among residents, businesses and government has never been greater. This "teamwork" shows. You can see it in the pages that follow.

Welcome to our community. We are sure you will like what you see. Stay...or come back. The "welcome" mat is always out.


Thomas J. Rielly
City of Oskaloosa

graphicA Message from the Board President:

When visitors share their impressions of Oskaloosa, I often hear praise of its beautiful historic downtown, the fun city events, and Oskaloosa’s diverse retail and international industrial climate, ranging from agribusiness to music to technology.

Other visitors comment on Oskaloosa’s promotion of arts and culture, as the home of famous composers, the city band with the longest history in Iowa, and a community auditorium that features everything from Shakespeare to ethnic dance.

They are additionally attracted to Oskaloosa’s educational opportunities and emphasis on lifelong learning. They are pleased to find good schools for their families, and select from a choice of offerings that include both public and private elementary and higher education.

Residents here appreciate the safe and neighborly atmosphere, recognizing Oskaloosa as a great place to live, raise a family and develop friendships. We are surrounded by a sense of community, with choices in recreation, dining, shopping, outdoor areas and over 30 Oskaloosa churches.

This is a special place, where residents work very hard to preserve our heritage, while serving as facilitators of progress. A spirit of coalition building and partnership is producing significant outcomes, some of which you will see in this book.

These pages offer only a glimpse of what you can find in Oskaloosa. We invite you to stay and discover the rest.


Diane Van Wyngarden
Board President, OACDG


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