imageShelby County is widely known for its beautiful parks and the wealth of outdoor activities that are available. The Shelby County Conservation Board manages over 700 acres of parks and natural areas — including lakes, rivers, streams, prairies and woodlands — for recreation, wildlife habitat and outdoor education.

The Board is actively involved in habitat development (from providing nest boxes for blue birds, kestrels and Canada geese to planting trees, shrubs and native grasses for wildlife food and shelter), park main-tenance, outdoor recreation and nature education.

The Nishna Bend Recreation Area & Nature Center (Harlan), the Elk Horn Creek Recreational Area and Manteno Park (Grove Township) are among the 11 parks and nature areas under the Board’s management.

imageState parks in the area include Prairie Rose State Park (a 422-acre park with a 218-acre lake) and the Wilmer & Vern Petersen Reserve — a 432-acre hunting reserve.

Festivals are also a great diversion in Shelby County. Jammin’ on the Square Music Festival (held in August) features two days of incredible music, great food, crafts and rides. In September, the Tiny Lund Memorial Racing Festival features car shows and championship races.





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