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Business & Industry

Business & Industry

Clay County is home to an array of businesses, from retailers, restaurants and small specialty shops to major manufacturing and industrial companies. North Central Kansas sits upon billowing hills, limestone ridges, river valleys and open wheat fields, and most of the area is still used for farming or grazing.

Though the county is located in the middle of abounding open space, its communities are not remote. Easy access to the rest of Kansas and the United States is attainable by Interstate 70, Interstate 80, Interstate 135, U.S. 81 and several nearby municipal airports. Businesses also enjoy the accessibility to intrastate and interstate trucking services.

The largest employment sectors in Clay County are agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, government, wholesale-retail trade, service and education. The dedicated workforce has bloomed from the area’s excellent school system and vocational training, as well as its proximity to outstanding higher education facilities.

The county’s economy boasts a stable and diverse array of manufacturing companies. Firms range from small one-and-two employee entrepreneurial companies to large international organizations manufacturing a variety of products.

Clay Center Industrial Park

Industrial and business locations in the county include three established industrial parks: the Clay Center Industrial Park I, located just off of U.S. Highway 24 in Clay Center; Clay Center Industrial Park II, located at the Clay Center Municipal Airport; and the Wakefield Industrial Park, situated in the city of Wakefield. The Clay Center Economic Development Group maintains an inventory of available commercial and industrial buildings throughout the county.

New and existing businesses in the area may be eligible for the Clay County Economic Development Incentive Program, designed to “encourage and assist new and existing companies to locate or expand their facilities in Clay County and thereby enrich the economic as well as the overall quality of life assets for all of the citizens of Clay County.” Visit the Clay County Economic Development Department’s website at to learn more about the requirements and incentives of this progressive program.

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