graphicCowley County, with a population of 37,000, is comprised of communities of good, solid, hard-working people. Its communities are safe, close-knit places where warmth and friendliness are integral threads in the fabric that makes these neighborhoods a place to call "home."

Architectural diversity is evident when you examine the housing market. Homes in every style and price category are available. With many years of history, homes vary in intricacy from ranch to Victorian in style and all types in between. Housing prices range from the modest ($20,000) to more lavish ($250,000), thus accommodating all income levels. For those who prefer custom-built homes, spacious and picturesque sites are plentiful. The cost of real estate makes larger accommodations and generous property more affordable than in other areas of the country. In an investor market you get excellent value for the space.

Several communities sport multi-dwelling complexes that are attractively designed. They are conveniently located only a short distance from the necessities as well as leisure-time resources. Our communities also have Senior Centers for engaging in social activities, dining and year-round events.

Citizens of Cowley County appreciate first-rate services and utilities, a moderate tax rate, and community-minded media personnel. Cowley County has a Commission form of government. The county has three commissioners elected from individual districts. The incorporated towns have a mayor-commissioner form of city government.

Cowley County is a safe rural setting with low crime rates. The local law enforcement agencies are progressive and work closely with the schools in various programs on drug and alcohol prevention and awareness, and the local departments work with the Cowley County Sheriff’s department to uphold a high standard of safety for our rural residents. Rural roads in the county are all now complete with 911 addressing signs in place. Our local fire and EMS departments have some of the finest equipment in the area with a long and distinguished history. The cities have formed a cooperative project to meet the needs of responsible use of our resources with voluntary usage of the AC/Winfield Recycling Center.


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