graphicgraphicThe rich spiritual history of Cowley County continues today. Cowley County is home to a diverse faith community representing many denominations. Residents can attend services at one of the area’s many houses of worship, from quaint country churches to elaborate historical stone and brick structures. Our faith community welcomes newcomers, offering regular worship services and religious education at over 100 facilities, some of which offer the choice of a private/parochial education as well. Active people reside in Cowley County.

Volunteerism is plentiful. More than 250 organizations, sororities, fraternities, support groups, clubs, boards, councils, troops, societies, and more thrive in Cowley County. There are programs for youth and seniors alike. Our recreation centers and senior centers buzz with activity. People in Cowley County take pride in participating as mentors, through organizations such as Big Brothers-Big Sisters, and leaders, as in the Habitat for Humanity organizations, in service to our community. The Legacy Regional Community Foundation cultivates for the future by serving as a catalyst for community philanthropy and the Cowley County Leadership organization continues toward the goal of making ours a "leader-full" community.


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