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Derby Government

Adopted after a strategic planning process in 2007, Derby's mission is to create vibrant neighborhoods, nurture a strong business community and preserve beautiful green spaces. Derby's vision is to be a community where dreams take root and thrive.

The City of Derby operates under the mayor-council-manager form of government. This form of government combines the political leadership of elected officials with the strong managerial experience of a professional city manager. The Mayor and City Council comprise the governing body, and these elected officials are political leaders for the Derby community.

The Mayor is elected at-large by city voters, while City Council members are elected by ward. A ward covers a specific geographic area of the city. The city of Derby has four wards with two City Council members elected from each ward.

The principal job of the City Council is establishing the general policies under which the city operates. City Council members are the “voice of the people” and exercise the public's will by concentrating on issues that are responsive to the needs and wants of citizens. As the Chief Executive Officer of the city organization, the City Manager is responsible for the daily administration of the city's operations and affairs. The City Manager is hired by the governing body to serve the community and bring the benefit of his or her education, training and experience in managing local government organizations, projects and programs.

Citizens play an important role in local government through the city’s many citizen boards and commissions. Residents are appointed to city advisory boards that report to elected officials on issues pertaining to economic development, ordinances, planning and zoning, recreation, senior services, accessibility, parks and youth issues.

Derby is one of 20 cities located within Sedgwick County. The county is the second most populous county in the state, encompassing an area of 1,008 square miles with a population of over 450,000. Sedgwick County is governed by a five-member Board of County Commissioners. Other elected officials include the county clerk, register of deeds, county treasurer, county sheriff, district attorney and district court judges. Additional services provided by Sedgwick County include public works, property appraisal, legal services, community development, culture and recreation, finance, public health, human services, information and operations, fire, law enforcement and emergency medical services.

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