graphicSince John Mathews, appointed by the U. S. Government, came to this area in 1840 to serve as a trader and blacksmith for the Osage tribe, the spirit of Labette County has been one of neighborly kindness, community togetherness and strength in unity.

Chetopa, a city of 1,303 residents - the third largest in the county - continues to embody that winning attitude in everything from our library programs to our enviably low student-to-teacher ratios in the public schools. We’re small enough to know everyone in the grocery store and large enough to put some muscle behind the civic and community projects important to our future. Just ask the full-time police force we staff, or the 25 men and women who volunteer to run our fire department. Even our Chamber of Commerce staff chips in on an all-volunteer basis.

As a result, you’ll feel immediately at home in Chetopa, whether you desire to start your own business dream or retreat to a lifestyle far from the pressures of a metropolitan commute. In either case, expect your neighbors to welcome you with a smile, a hearty handshake and a home-baked goody to get you started.


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