graphicgraphicWhen it comes to enjoying the good life, visitors to Labette County can expect a royal welcome. Each town offers sufficient overnight accommodations ranging from chain hotels to camping and RV hook-ups, and even an exclusive hunting lodge set up for special party requests.

There are plenty of opportunities to keep you intrigued. For starters, each city supports its own historical museum, so a day trip through these tributes provides a glimpse of Americana. Visitors experience everything from a copper door entranceto a retired Katy Railroad caboose (Parsons), a full historic kitchen from the 1800s to an antique wicker rocker (Edna), a Bible written in Braille to WWI canteens and gas masks (Mound Valley),historic clothing modeled adeptly by period mannequins (Chetopa), and the displays of Arctic explorer, Baldwin (Oswego).

Be sure to inquire at the cities' visitor centers about joining a historical walking tour which covers unforgettable details about the prominent homes and sites in Parsons. Expect local actors to portray residents of bygone eras during your walk.

Next, stroll the tree-lined Lover's Lane stone walkwayat Riverside Park in Oswego. Or, let the kids crawl around an authentic military tank parked in the middle of this park. Afterward, they can take a dip in the pool or enjoy other activities. Forest Park in Parsons offers 58 acres of green space devoted to lighted tennis courts, a nine-hole Frisbee golf course, four horseshoe pits, a lighted basketball court, two sand volleyball courts and a swimming pool.

Totaled, Labette County offers 20 city parks for families' pleasure. We're also home to three golf courses: two public and one private.


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