graphicTrue to the old saying "Home is where the heart is," Labette County focuses on seeing its residents live out their hearts' desires. That's why we named our home-buyer assistance program Operation American Dream, a system that grants 5 to 10 percent down payment on a house to qualified participants, and pays up to $3,000 of loan closing costs.

graphicOfficials in Oswego have established a neighborhood revitalization plan to encourage new construction and rehab projects. Any improvement that increases a property's assessed value by at least 10 percent between now and September 2004 entitles the owner to a property tax rebate. Anyone wanting to build a home or multi-family housing takes advantage of the city's home-builder incentive package, that waives building permits, sewer and water taps; installs a culvert, and establishes a utility credit. Totaled, homes between 950 and 1,999 square feet enjoy $1,000 in assistance; homes over 2,000 square feet double that amount. Additionally, Oswego recently obtained a grant for the state to provide mortgage assistance to build nine new homes in a new subdivision area at the northwest corner.

graphicAltamont extends aid to first-time home builders by paying utilities for the first six months or until the bills reach $1,800. Mound Valley offers free lots, waived water and sewer taps and driveway rock.


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