graphicLabette County is governed by a three-member Board of County Commissioners. Our budget is roughly $9 million annually.

Parsons City Services:

A five-member city commission governs the city, with the mayor elected by fellow commissioners for a one-year term.

Water, sanitation and sewage services are run by the city, while KGE and Kansas Gas provide electricity and gas. More than 95 percent of its streets are paved,and a wastewater collection and treatment system meets all federal standards. Officials recently built a new water treatment plant, one of the most advanced in the state. Southwestern Bell provides telephone services.

The Parsons Police Department has 23 officers, all certified under the Kansas Police Training Act. The fire department, working out of two stations, has more than 20 employees. Firefighters undergo continuing education courses, and all new firefighters are EMT certified as well as firefighter II certified.

Ambulance services are provided by Labette County Medical Center, located in Parsons.

Altamont City Services:

A six-member city commission governs the city. Altamont also provides and maintains the water, sewer, trash collection, gas and electric utility services. Telephone services are provided by Sprint United Fiber Optics.

Altamont maintains its own full-time police force. A volunteer fire department boasts a roster of 12 trained firefighters.

Chetopa City Services:

A seven-member city commission governs the city, which handles water, sewage, and trash collection services. Empire District Electric Company provides electric utilities; United Cities Gas Company provides heating and natural gas.

Chetopa supports a full-time police force and incorporates a fully trained volunteer fire department with 25 volunteers.

Mound Valley City Services:

A six-member city commission governs the city, which provides water, sewer, and trash collection. KGE and Kansas Gas provide electric and gas. Telephone services are provided by Sprint Fiber Optics. Mound Valley has a volunteer fire department and its own police force.

Edna City Services:

The city is governed by a six-member city council, which oversees water and sewage availability. American Disposal handles trash collection, while United Cities Gas Company and KGE provide their respective utility needs. Telephone services are provided by Craw-Kan Communications. The Labette County Sheriff's department serves Edna's police needs, and a trained volunteer department is on call 24 hours a day. Emergency Medical Services of Coffeyville handles citizens' ambulance needs.

Oswego City Services:

This second-class city is governed by a six-member city council and a mayor. This group oversees water, sewer, refuse, streets and parks. A 1-cent sales tax is funding a complete overlay of all city streets to be completed by 2002. KPL provides electricity, KGE supplies gas needs, and Sprint handles local telephone connections.

The city also supports five police officers and 22 volunteer firemen.


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