Breaux Bridge’s history as a community begins in 1771 with Acadian pioneer Firmin Breaux. Breaux was one of the largest property owners in the region by 1786, and built a footbridge across Bayou Teche in 1799. When traveling directions were given, it was common for people to reference “Breaux’s bridge.” The name stuck, but it wasn’t until 1829 when Scholastique Picou Breaux (Firmin’s daughter-in-law) drew up plans for a city and began selling lots to other Acadian settlers. These French-speaking settlers (who were forced from their homes in Canada) formed a church parish in 1847, and Breaux Bridge was officially incorporated in 1859.

imageJust as the Chitimacha’s snake formed the bayou, Breaux Bridge’s character over its history has been shaped by its residents. In turn, Breaux Bridge continues to influence the spirit of all who call it home.

Revitalized but not recharacterized, the downtown streets of Breaux Bridge reveal the authentic Cajun traditions of south Louisiana to provide a unique and multi-faceted cultural adventure. Its history is at once recognizable as the foundation of what the community is and is altogether distinctive. You can live and feel its heritage while remaining firmly planted in the present. A solid infrastructure functions underneath Breaux Bridge’s relaxed and friendly pace to support the business/professional community and to provide the services residents expect.

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