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St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office

Patrol Division
One of the sheriff’s main policies is to have the patrol units patrolling in the neighborhoods. The duties of the patrol division are to patrol areas, work traffic crashes and to assist the community. The patrol division also conducts D.W.I. checkpoints and speed enforcement details. The details’ aim is to take intoxicated and reckless drivers off our streets.

Levee Patrol
The levee patrol section’s main duty is to patrol the camps and levees of the parish. In the past, thieves would prey on the camps that are often only occupied on weekends and hunting seasons. The patrol has dramatically reduced the damaging and thefts at the camps.

Reserve Unit
Under the direction of the training division, the aim of the 20-member reserve section is to serve as a support group for the office. Reserves work in patrol, festivals and major disasters. The reserves trainings are held mostly at night and consist of the same training that full-time deputies attend.

Senior Citizens Programs/TRIAD
With four TRIAD events throughout the year ending with a Christmas party that always has close to 600 guests, we could not do it without the countless volunteers we have. Each event has games, food, door prizes and guest speakers working to try to give our elderly everything they deserve.

Inmate Work Crews
The sheriff’s office continues to maintain work crews of inmates. The work crews clean and paint graveyards, re-paint schools and pick up trash along the roads in the parish.

The DARE program is taught by specialized deputies in our schools to help our children understand the dangers and ill effects of drug abuse. The 17-hour program covers topics like ways and methods of saying “no,” resolving differences with understandings that are violence-free and building one’s self-esteem.

Firearms Training Simulator
FATS or Firearms Training Simulator is one of the most high-tech training simulators on the market today, utilizing videos to run deputies through real-life scenarios. The system, which responds to the deputy’s actions, trains them on how to handle and control complaints.

SWAT/HEAT Team Training
The Sheriff’s SWAT team has recently undergone training at the Eunice Black Belt Academy on ground and weapon defense. The SWAT members are called out during high-risk complaints and deadly force encounters and must be ready for all situations. The team members train monthly on physical training to live fire practice.

All callers remains anonymous and the program is funded through fundraisers and private donations.

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