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Cajun Cooking

Robust, inventive cooking evolved by the Acadian settlers rooted in resourcefulness, use of available ingredients and “made do” in artful ways.*

Andouille and Boudin (ahn-doo-ee and boo dan)
Two types of Cajun sausage. Andouille is made with pork, boudin with pork and rice. Sociologists recognize two major categories of Cajuns; “River” (for andouille); and the “Bayou” (for boudin).**

Beignet (bin-yay)
A fritter or strangely shaped doughnut without a hole, sprinkled with powdered sugar.**

Crawfish-crayfish (craw-fish)
A small fresh water crustacean related to the lobster.*

Etouffée (ay too fay)
Method of cooking something (usually shrimp or crawfish)
smothered in chopped vegetables over low flame, tightly covered until tender.*

Grillades (gree yahds)
Beef or veal round steak, browned, then simmered until tender in browned tomato sauce served over rice or grits.*

Gumbo (gum bo)
Thick, savory soup with chicken, seafood, sausage or wild game.**

Jambalaya (jum buh lie uh)
Highly-seasoned mixture of any of several combinations of seafood, meat, poultry, sausage and vegetables, simmered with raw rice until liquid is absorbed.*

Roux (roo)
Basic ingredient of many Louisiana recipes. Essentially seasoned flour browned in a skillet.**

Sources: *From the Encyclopedia of Cajun and Creole Cuisine by John D. Folse;

**From the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

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