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Business and Industry

Business and Industry

West Baton Rouge offers a favorable and ideal location, pro-business government, favorable zoning and business laws, a low regional tax rate and a great amount of transportation resources that have all contributed to an explosion of growth in the present business facilities and the many groundbreaking new facilities.

The Parish is linked by several major interstate and intrastate highways and is just minutes away from the state capitol. West Baton Rouge is a prime location bordered on the East by the Mississippi and the river traffic through the Port of Greater Baton Rouge and the Intracoastal Canal.

The Baton Rouge Metro Airport is just northeast and handles passengers as well as cargo freight daily. The railroad has also played a large part in linking the parish to major commerce throughout the nation. Consider the following examples of business in West Baton Rouge Parish:

• Sun Plus Distribution, operated by Dixie Services, has completed three phases of construction totaling more than 1.2 million square feet of distribution warehouse space, the largest warehouse complex in Louisiana. The developers are still planning on an additional 600,000 square feet of space in the near future.

• The Port of Baton Rouge offers local import and export properties a cost-effective, intermodal transportation options. The Port’s Inland Rivers Marine Terminal, located on the U.S. Gulf Intracostal Waterway, to the container ports of New Orleans and Houston are available for container-on-barge packaging and container marshalling facilities. This service can increase savings up to 20 percent in shipping and transportation costs. Containers on loaded barges can make the Baton Rouge/ New Orleans trip in less than 24 hours and the Baton Rouge/Houston trip in less than a week.

• Large corporate neighbors such as Shintech, Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil, Placid Refining Company and Criterion Catalysts & Technologies continue to experience growth within their already large operations.

West Baton Rouge has a productive labor force with a “can do” attitude and is in a great position to get products to market quickly. Coupled by available and affordable real estate, West Baton Rouge is perhaps the best investment in the United States with business leaders in the parish that cooperate to improve the business climate, encourage relocation of industries to the parish and market it to global resources.

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