Zachary Chamber of Commerce


Progressive community leaders have helped to facilitate Zachary’s population boom of the past 20 years. City planners anticipated growth and prepared by improving all public services – including sewer and the police and fire departments.

The successful handling of past growth has fuelled the demand for additional expansion, and the city is preparing for an influx once again. To this end, the city has expanded its water system to include four wells and installed state-of-the-art radio-read meters that allow the city to stay ahead of population growth. The Mayor’s Office, fire chief and police chief work closely with the East Baton Rouge Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security to keep citizens safe in the wake of any disaster.

The city also has measures in place that encourage commercial and industrial development. These (combined with a vigilant eye on the quality of roads, the water system, the police and fire departments and the school system) ensure a safe, comfortable, vibrant and growing community for years to come.


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