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Fourth of July

The Sanford-Springvale Community is unique! We have the appearance of being rural in character while offering services found in most cities. During the past 40 years, our community has developed a diversified economic and industrial base in the heart of York County, with a growing population of 175,000 people.

The Sanford area is approximately thirty-five (35) miles equidistant between Portland, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with a metropolitan population of 245,000 and 350,000 respectively.

Thus, even though the Sanford-Springvale area has all the quality of life aspects of a small town, its central location enables industry to service a readily available market of well over 600,000 people!


The Sanford-Springvale Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development welcomes inquiries on plant expansions, business opportunities, and relocation information. Industries have been attracted by the area’s favorable business climate generated by our professional and business community.

Let our efforts on your behalf, combined with the attention to your needs from Maine’s governmental agencies, make Sanford-Springvale your first choice for doing business.

Richard L. Stanley

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