graphicNew England-style shops operate in the natural country settings of Cranberry Country. All shoppers alike can observe and enjoy the view of crystal clear lakes in Lakeville, ambling farms and 200-year-old homes in Plympton and Halifax, vibrant cranberry bogs in Rochester and Middleborough, and glimpses of the ocean when shoppers pass by the storefronts in Wareham.

graphicNiche shopping is our specialty. For example, you can spend half a day browsing among the quaint antique shops clustered around Middleborough Center. All your needs can be met from the various array of plazas and stores Cranberry Country showcases, from knick-knacks to apparel to restaurants. The New England flavor is thrown in for free!




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graphicSince the mid-’80s, 10 office and industrial parks have emerged in Cranberry Country’s distinctive setting. All are located at the hub of Southeastern Massachusetts’ highway system, offering rapid access to Interstate 495 and 95, to Routes 24, 28, 44, 104, 105, and 106 to reach your customers, suppliers, and employees. Each park is within 60 miles to Boston’s Logan Airport, 50 miles to T.F. Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island, and 20 miles to Taunton Municipal Airport.

The industrial parks within Cranberry Country amass 2,270 total acreage and are principally used as manufacturing, warehousing, office or distribution centers. Utility infrastructure is in place, and open space is available. Labor, housing, services and recreation can be found nearby, serving to achieve the functionality today’s business demands.

graphicThe following industrial parks are located in Cranberry Country:
• Bridgewater Industrial Park, Bridgewater
• Scotland Industrial Park, Bridgewater
• Carver Industrial Park, Carver
• Airport Industrial Park, Carver
• Halifax Industrial Park, Halifax
• Great Ponds Industrial Park, Lakeville
• Lakeville Corporate Park, Lakeville
• Lakeport Industrial Park, Lakeville
• Woodview Community Center
• Abbey Lane Industrial Park, Middleborough
• Campanelli Business Park, Middleborough
• Middleborough Park, Middleborough
• South Middleborough Industrial Park, Middleborough
• Southpointe Corporate Park, Middleborough
• Raynham Woods Commerce Center, Raynham
• Wareham Industrial Park, Wareham
• Bliss Corporate Park, Wareham
• Cranberry Industrial Park, Wareham

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graphicCranberry Country stands as an example on how to keep medical costs down by allocating resources wisely. In part because nearby Boston boasts 15 hospitals that made the U.S. News and World Report’s "Best Hospitals in America" list in 1996 – including the well-known Boston Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital – the southeast region avoids duplication of services.

We offer Tobey Hospital in Wareham to supplement the region with top-notch health care (Tobey, too, is on that prestigious "Best Hospitals" list) and 11 long-term care centers throughout Bridgewater, Lakeville, Middleborough and Wareham to provide families with comprehensive assistance with loved ones right in their backyards. Doctors from all specialties call the region home, as do dentists, orthodontists and
chiropractors to service the population.

graphicAmong the honors Tobey Hospital continues to rack up: It received a $5,000 educational grant from Tufts Health Plan for attaining a cesarean section rate below 16 percent, which reduces the risks of infection and increased bleeding for mothers and babies.

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In keeping with the fiercely independent and hands-on participation of area citizens, each town elects a board of selectman to handle its business and residential concerns. Overall, the area is weighted slightly in favor of registered Democrats.

Thanks to the enhanced 911 services, Cranberry Country citizens enjoy excellent coverage in emergencies.

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