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Worship & Community Involvement

The spirit of diversity is welcomed in the Bay Area—a characteristic that is discovered within the community’s rich spiritual sector. In fact, the Bay Area is home to more than 450 houses of worship, representing 60-plus religious denominations. Modern congregations sit side-by-side with well-established fellowships that have had a presence since the mid-1800s. These long-time churches exhibit stunning historic architecture that adds much beauty to the local landscape.

Opportunities for community involvement are readily available through many church-oriented ministries and events, as well as through a medley of nonprofit organizations that have been established in the area. Many national groups, such as Elks, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America and the Salvation Army, have organized branches in the Bay Area, as have a number of locally-based agencies. Educational foundations, athletic associations, conservation initiatives, cultural institutions and many others continue to make a difference in the Bay Area on a daily basis.

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