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Two public school districts – West Iron County Public Schools and Forest Park Schools – serve the students of Iron County, both offering pre-school through 12th grade educational opportunities.

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West Iron County Public Schools provides excellent education for 1,017 students in the cities of Iron River, Caspian, Gaastra and the townships of Bates, Iron River and Stambaugh. The district is made up of the West Iron County High School, the West Iron County Middle School and Stambaugh Elementary School, as well as the early childhood program at its Bates School.

Forest Park Schools affords high quality education to its 570-student base in a recently renovated building that provides separate wings for the elementary and high school students. Early childhood programs can also be accessed through the district.

Additionally, college-prep classes and vocational/technical training can be found through both districts. Adult enrichment programs and special youth programs are also offered.

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