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graphicClinton County blends rural and urban lifestyles and offers a unique mix that both country and city dwellers appreciate. The majority of the county’s acreage is used for agriculture. With help from the land’s rich soil, the county farmers’ crops are healthy and plentiful.

For example, the county’s corn production has grossed $15.3 million annually, and the county ranks high in soybean and wheat production. Farmers also raise sheep and cattle. Milk production, an agriculture-related industry, is another important county industry. One of the state’s largest dairy storage and processing plants is located in Clinton County and receives an average of 46 million pounds of milk each month.

However, the county’s claim to fame is its mint production. Although it represents only a small percentage of crops grown in the area, its growers earn almost $2 million annually.

The county is conducive to manufacturing and industry as well. Business is going so well that St. Johns Industrial Park added 116 acres to its original property in order to provide the needed extra space for existing manufacturers.

graphicSt. Johns promotes development incentives like the tax incentive program, a public industrial park and training funds.

Big business includes major manufacturers and corporations, many located in the vicinity of St. Johns. DeWitt, Bath, Ovid, Elsie, Fowler, Maple Rapids and Westphalia business districts are also flourishing.

In a neighborly fashion, the non-profit Mint City Development Corporation can help businesses retain and create new jobs. The group also helps with relocation and expansion of existing businesses and may provide financial backing.

Agriculture has a friend in the Cooperative Extension Service. The St. Johns Area Chamber of Commerce is standing by to help advance the civic, commercial, industrial, professional and economic interests of Clinton County.

Here, employers have the good fortune to draw from a pool of skilled and ethical workers. Businesses work together with the community to build not only a healthy economy, but also to consistently improve Clinton County’s quality of life.

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