graphicOften referred to as the "Hub of Michigan," Clinton County and St. Johns, its county seat, promotes a superb quality of life. Located nearly in the geographic center of Michigan, Clinton County has attracted people since the early 1800’s.

From the very beginning, people found the area to be a perfect place to live and work. These days Clinton County boasts industrial growth and manufacturing and holds a top 10 ranking in the state for agriculture in categories that include dairy, soybeans and cattle. In fact, Clinton County has become famous for its mint production due to the rich black soil and celebrates its mint farming heritage annually at the "Mint Festival."

The county is just as committed to recreation, providing residents and visitors alike with indoor and outdoor fun. There are scheduled events that range from art shows to rodeos. For unscheduled but inspired recreation, city and state parks are just the place for a stroll, a swim, or a game of horseshoes.

Housing is a matter of choice. St. Johns provides numerous new construction. DeWitt, along with the southern part of the county, offers a variety of home styles for a comparatively low price. There are plenty of rental opportunities as well. Older adults can take advantage of a wide range of senior housing.

Area schools provide excellent educations that enable students to achieve their maximum potential.

Clinton County is comprised of true communities that offer quality health care facilities, churches and civic organizations. People here are friendly and welcoming. Organizations and associations are always nearby to lend a helping hand.

With its plenitude of goods and services, it is easy to enjoy life in Clinton.

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