Troy, MI

Troy City Government Focuses on Troy’s Future

Troy is on the verge of embarking on a Community Visioning Process similar to the Futuring Process done in 1992/93. Since a lot can happen in 13 years, it is vital to recognize that Troy has changed from a growing community to a mature one. Revisiting priorities, forging civic partnerships, developing new objectives and assigning responsibility for accomplishing objectives are all imperative for Troy to remain the desirable community it is today.

The Troy Community Visioning Process will take approximately 9-12 months to complete. The Futuring Project task forces will include wealth creation, lifestyle, lifetime learning, mobility, image & presentation, civic infrastructure and regional collaboration. As part of the project, participants will be researching current trends including housing, per capita income, demographics, technology trends and more.

Additional research is currently in the works. A consulting team was selected to provide the city’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) with a concept plan—the Big Beaver Corridor Study—which will catalogue, analyze and define issues that will begin a process of planning and directing development opportunities for years to come. This document will provide an overview analysis of existing conditions and summarize stakeholder and expert opinions as important input for efforts to redefine basic and overall corridor characteristics and experience. The second part of the process addresses the corridor as a “world class boulevard,” the concept advocated by the DDA as the strategy to re-ignite the development and redevelopment potential of the corridor. It will also outline specific requirements needed to fulfill this goal.

The study will present a plan that will fundamentally change the corridor from a traffic dominant highway to a mixed-use urban center, a very dramatic and forward thinking idea. It will also strongly advocate the need for a comprehensive master plan in addition to this study, which will address issues of public and private realm interactions, long-term values, and economic sustainability. This corridor study is an important chapter of that future master plan for the city of Troy.

Stay tuned to learn more about The Monarch luxury condominiums and high-end retail, exciting plans to develop the Kmart property, national restaurant chains coming to the area and other projects that will be adorning Big Beaver in years to come.


Troy, MI

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