Troy, MI

Finding What You Need

Home to two world-class shopping centers, Troy is proud of its impressive retail presence at Oakland Mall and The Somerset Collection.

Oakland Mall features more than 100 stores and kiosks, including Sears and JC Penney. In addition to well-known stores and restaurants, the mall promotes its walking program and features entertainment for kids, including its Giggle Gang Summer Series free activities.

The Somerset Collection is another regional dynamo. Originally opened in 1969 as a single-level mall of 36 shops, Somerset Mall gave the city a national identity and reputation for quality retailing. Renamed The Somerset Collection with the completion of the expansion and renovation in 1992,

Somerset South was officially linked to Somerset North via a landmark, glass-enclosed moving walkway in August 1996. Visitors enjoy Somerset’s elegant character with its marble flooring, soaring atriums and end-to-end skylights. Museum quality artwork is featured throughout the center, some of which is interactive for children and adults alike.

An untraditional mall, the Troy Motor Mall is another destination that will make you say, “Wow!” The Troy Motor Mall is a literal boulevard of just about every automotive dealer and nameplate on the planet. Cruise to find Aston Martin and Jaguar dealerships positioned just parking lots away from Ford and Chevy. The choices are endless.

And if your jaw still hasn’t dropped, it certainly will once you visit the Michigan Design Center (MDC), an incredible collection of interior design boutiques that showcase everything from drapes and end tables to faucets and tiles. MDC’s 40+ showrooms offer products from over 1,000 manufacturers. For a taste of what MDC has to offer, the center has its Designer on Call program—a free, one-hour, no obligation consultation with a professional interior designer.


Troy, MI

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