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Albert Lea and Freeborn County residents are the recipients of a multitude of excellent services including professional fire protection, a public library, and joint Law Enforcement Center.

court house

Many of the city and county employees serve on a variety of community organizations, and in turn many business leaders serve on governmental committees and commissions.

Located in the heart of Freeborn County is the County Seat of Albert Lea, which is surrounded by 720 square miles of rolling land, beautiful lakes and rich soil that make up Freeborn County. Both the City of Albert Lea and Freeborn County governments work cooperatively to promote and expand on a highly productive agricultural trade center, excellent school systems, a variety of industrial and retail establishments, cultural and recreational activities, low cost of living, and a safe environment.

For a complete listing of city, county, state, and federal governmental service providers, you are encouraged to visit the county’s website at Or visit the City of Albert Lea’s website at

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