graphicChaska, which gets its name from the Dakotah language, was marked out as a townsite in 1851. Early industries included harvesting the woodlands and making hoops for barrels. Brickmaking began about 1857 and at one time, there were as many as nine brickyards in the community. During the industry's heyday, more than 50 million bricks were produced annually. Today, the distinctive yellow Chaska bricks can be found in some of the state's most important buildings, such as the capitol, the Mayo Clinic, and the old Washburn Mill.

Chaska is now one of the fastest-growing communities of the southwest suburban area. Just 20 years ago, it was a quiet little town of less than 5,000 people. Today, Chaska's population has expanded to over 15,000, and modern transportation and development have brought it into the metropolitan area. Despite its recent growth, Chaska retains its small town image. The image of a caring, active community where people meet and greet each other on the street continues even as the population grows. The city's mission is to be the best small town in the state.


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