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Where the mighty Mississippi River merges with the peaceful Elk, lies a vibrant and friendly community that softens the fast-paced attitude of the Twin Cities.

For those who want to breathe a little, grow a lot, yet have easy access to a major metropolitan center, Elk River, Minnesota is the place to be.

The Indians called it "Wich a wan" (where two rivers join). Early settlers built a trading post near the junction of two rivers, the Elk and Mississippi, and called it Elk River.

That tiny outpost in the rough Minnesota Territory of 1849 is now considered part of the second perimeter of the Twin Cities suburban area.

Elk River, the Sherburne County seat, is unique in that its location offers residents and visitors the opportunity to sample the best of two worlds as our slogan, "Where city and country flow together," indicates. The friendly atmosphere and slower paced life of a small community flourishes just 35 miles northwest of Minneapolis-St. Paul, while Highways 10, 169, 101 and nearby Interstate 94 provide fast and easy access to the cultural and sporting events of the greater metropolitan area.

Elk River covers an area of 44 square miles, and has a population of more than 24,000.

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