Laurentian Community Introduction

Located in northeastern Minnesota, the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce serves the quad cities of Eveleth, Gilbert, Mountain Iron, Virginia and surrounding areas. This close-knit community’s rich history, limitless recreational opportunities, exceptional education and healthcare, diverse retail finds, and strong business and industry have contributed to its popularity among tourists and locals alike for more than a century.

A wealth of attractions are offered by the four cities, which are part of St. Louis County. The U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Eveleth along with “The Big Stick” (the world’s largest free-standing hockey stick and puck). Minnesota’s first off-highway vehicle recreation area can be found in Gilbert, which is also home to scenic Lake Ore-be-gone. Mountain Iron, known as the “Taconite Capital of the World,” offers spectacular views of nature, including that of the Mesabi Range. Virginia, known for its rich mining history and beautiful lakes and parks, is host to Mineview in the Sky, a 20-story overlook offering broad views of some of the deepest mines in the area. All four cities have direct access to the Mesabi Trail, which offers an abundance of nature and outdoor experiences.

In addition to recreation, history and natural beauty, quality educational opportunities exist in the Laurentian Chamber area. Both public and private schools offer instruction for students from kindergarten through grade 12. Located on the historic Mesabi Iron Range, Mesabi Range Community and Technical College provides students with opportunities to choose from a variety of associate degrees along with technical and career diplomas and certificates. Unparalleled healthcare is also a priority. The Virginia Regional Medical Center is one of the larger healthcare facilities in the area, providing primary, secondary, and specialty referral services. Furthermore, the Laurentian Chamber area offers a large selection of physicians and specialized practices, home healthcare and numerous other medical services.

Presenting natural beauty, excellent education and healthcare, unbounded recreation and a strong history, the cities served by the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce have much to offer. With all there is to see and do, this region is an appealing and inviting place for all. Welcome!

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