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An outstanding quality of life is afforded to residents of the Laurentian Chamber’s quad cities.

Excellent schools and medical centers, affordable housing, and innumerable recreational and cultural opportunities are abundant. For nearly a decade, Minnesota has been ranked as one of the top two America’s “Most Livable State,” by Morgan Quitno Press, which also ranked Minnesota as the third-healthiest state in the country. It’s no surprise that people are proud to call this home.

According to the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development, more Minnesotans than ever own their homes. Rentals account for one out of four occupied housing units in Minnesota, while property owners occupy almost 75 percent of housing.


The high rate of ownership, seen especially in northeastern Minnesota, is attributed to affordability and the availability of living-wage jobs.

Homes in the quad cities accommodate a variety of lifestyles and budgets. Modest and well-maintained older structures are available in the original residential areas, and more expansive lots and homes in newer developments with roomy lakeside lots are also plentiful. Area apartment buildings range from simple units to expansive developments and offer a variety of accommodations and rental prices suitable for all.

The total year-round single family dwelling average in 2003 was 4,338 with an average value of $48,947. Approximately 63 percent are owner occupied. (Source: Virginia Economic Development Authority.)


There are a number of good real estate firms servicing the area, many of them belonging to the National Association of Realtors and with National affiliation. The Housing and Redevelopment Authority has locations in Eveleth, Gilbert and Virginia and is available to serve a variety of housing needs. The communities take pride in an emphasis on housing for senior citizens, and the Diamond Willow Assisted Living of Mountain Iron and the Elder Services Network, also of Mountain Iron, are prepared to meet those needs.

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